Why Use Sprays

For customers looking for more innovative formats, we have recently developed a number of vitamin sprays. These are available as both oral and transdermal sprays.

Sprays may be particularly beneficial for children or older people who can struggle to swallow a tablet or capsule. As sprays bypass the acidic stomach environment and are absorbed in to the bloodstream directly through capillary networks in the mouth, they are particularly effective for people who may suffer with malabsorption issues. As well as been more fast-acting, it is argued that sprays may be a more effective delivery format.

We work hard to make your product concept become a reality.

Leading innovation in the development of nutritional supplements

Our most popular sprays are:

  • Multivitamin
  • Vitamin D
  • Magnesium (topical)
  • Biotin
  • B12
  • DHA

Product Development Services

We offer contract formulation services, shelf life testing and re-formulation if you are looking to update your existing products.


We can offer sprays in flavoured or unflavoured versions, but most customers prefer flavoured options, which include:






Spray Formats

When developing an effective spray, we have to carefully balance the active ingredients in the carrier to ensure that the product delivers an effective dose whilst retaining the ability to spray. The carriers that we use in our spray products include:


MCT Oil - for oil based actives

Sunflower Oil - for oil based actives

Olive Oil - for oil based actives

Rice Bran Oil - for oil based actives

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