Quality & Accreditations

A Quality Service

Vitrition prides itself on the quality and service offered to our customers. We adhere to strict quality, technical and regulatory processes to ensure that the products provided are of the highest standards.


Brand Reputation through Compliance

All of our products comply with UK and EU legislation. Vitrition is certified against the Brand Reputation through Compliance Global Food Safety Standard. Our production facilities and quality systems have been awarded grade AA standard.

The Brand Reputation through Compliance (formerly the British Retail Consortium) Global Standard for Food Safety is developed by food industry experts from retailers, manufacturers and food service organisations. It provides a framework to manage product safety, integrity, legality and quality, and the operational controls for these criteria in the food and food ingredient manufacturing, processing and packing industry.

Supplier Ethical Data Exchange

Vitrition (UK) Ltd is a Sedex registered company. Sedex is a not-for-profit, membership organisation which is dedicated to driving improvements in ethical and responsible business practices in global supply chains.

It is important to us that the business operates ethically and responsibly and that we are able to demonstrate this to our customers.


EC Feed Hygiene Regulation (183/2005)

As we also produce a number of products for animals and are accredited under the EC Feed Hygiene Regulation (183/2005). This contains a number of provisions aimed at improving feed safety. This includes rules to improve the operational standards of feed businesses, including food supplements.

It enforces traceability measures to ensure that in the case of a feed contamination incident, products can be easily traced and recalled if necessary.

Soil Association Organic Registration

Any food product sold as ‘organic’ in the UK has to comply with organic regulation requirements written into a set of Standards. Organic certification is a requirement to demonstrate a product or operation has met these legal standards. The Soil Association symbol is a recognised and trusted mark of organic certification internationally.  As a holder of this registration, Vitrition is certified offer products to some of the highest organic standards.


Halal Trust Approve Site

The Halal Trust has certified that Vitrition uses permitted Halal ingredients and that processing aids, cleaning, manufacturing processes and packing methods used in manufacturing are in full compliance with Halal standards for production of Halal consumables.


Good Manufacturing Practice Accredited

Vitrition has been approved for compliance with the requirements of Food Supplements Europe Guide to Good Manufacturing Practice for Manufacturers of Food Supplements.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) is a set of operational requirements to ensure production of safe and quality food. The US FDA and other regulatory bodies worldwide recommend using GMP to ensure that products are consistently produced and controlled to quality standards.



We offer a full and flexible formulation service to suit a range of different product formats



All products are made to the highest standards, underpinned by our BRC Global Foods Standard Grade AA accreditation



We fill a variety of formats with low minimum orders through to full scale production quantities



Finished products can be packed and collated to meet all customer requirements

We work hard to make your product concept become a reality.

Leading innovation in the development of nutritional supplements