Blending & Filling

Use our blending skills to create your perfect combination!

We offer our customers a comprehensive range of formulations for powdered products, or the option of creating their own blend. We regularly work with multi-component blends, ensuring we achieve a homogeneous mixture of the all ingredients each time. Our stringent quality procedures ensure each batch is of the same consistently high standard.

We offer versatile batch sizes, blending powders ranging between 100-250kg up to 5 tonnes, which is then sieved to ensure that ingredients disperse correctly, without clumping or producing undissolved oversize. The finished powders can be packed in to a variety of end user pots, tubs, pouches or bulk kegs. Our minimum runs for filling start at just 2,000 units. We also encapsulate our blends in to hard gel 2-piece capsules.


We offer a full and flexible formulation service to suit a range of different product formats


All products are made to the highest standards, underpinned by our BRC Global Foods Standard Grade A accreditation


We fill a variety of formats with low minimum orders through to full scale production quantities


Finished products can be packed and collated to meet all customer requirements

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