Delicious & Effective Liquid Supplements

We produce liquid vitamin and mineral supplements that are easy to take, offer higher absorption rates and can be developed in a number of great-tasting flavours. We are particularly skilled at developing emulsions, as well as working with dispersions, oils and syrups.

Our liquids can be filled into either PET or glass bottles, which can be nitrogen gas flushed to prevent oxidisation. Our fill sizes for liquids range from 5ml up to 1 litre. We can also make some liquids in a more viscos state to create a gel for filling sachets.

We have extensive experience in developing liquid supplements for children. These are carefully developed to provide optimum nutrition to help keep little ones healthy, as well as supporting their normal growth and development. Our meticulously balanced formulations can be made as sugar free and free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives.

We work hard to make your product concept become a reality.

Leading innovation in the development of nutritional supplements

The majority of requests that we receive for bottled liquids include:

General Liquids
  • Collagen Liquid
  • Glucosamine & Chondroitin Liquid
  • Iron Liquid Tonic
  • Omega 3 Liquid
  • Omega 3 & Multivitamin Liquid
  • Cod Liver Oil Liquid
  • Krill Oil Liquid
  • Calcium & Magnesium Liquid
  • L –Carnitine Liquid
  • Zinc Liquid
  • Folic Acid Liquid
  • Adult Multivitamin Liquid
  • Cough Soothing Liquid
  • Glucose Liquid
  • Hair, Skin and Nail Beauty Liquid
  • Sports Drinks
  • Isotonic Drinks
  • Energy Drinks
  • Detox Liquids
Children’s Liquids
  • Multivitamin Drops
  • Multivitamin Spray
  • Vitamin D3 Drops & Spray
  • Multivitamin & Mineral Liquid
  • Omega 3 Liquid
  • Omega 3 & Multivitamin Liquid
  • Iron Drops
  • Appetite Tonics

Product Development Services

We offer contract formulation services, shelf life testing and re-formulation if you are looking to update your existing products.


Some of our liquids are unflavoured, but the majority tend to be flavoured. We can source bespoke flavours, but our standard liquid flavours are as follows:









Carrier Options

Depending on the nature of the finished formulations and the active ingredients, we will usually work with these carriers.







Glucose Syrup

Glucose Syrup