Sachet Filling

We can fill a variety of different sachets!

Sachets are the perfect option for delivering a specific measured dose and are suited to applications where convenience or the option for single servings is important. We have the capacity to fill ambient liquids, gels and creams, as well as powders. Most of our powder, cream and gel formulations, and some of our liquids can be packed into stick pack sachets or 4-sided sachets.

Powder and liquid filled sachets can accommodate fill sizes ranging between 5g and 60g and we start at a minimum run of 10,000 sachets. Typical products that we fill in to stick or 4-sided sachets include protein powders, slimming powders, vitamin blends and vitamin gels.

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Sachet Filling

We are pleased to offer foil tear-top tube sachets, featuring arrow-head tear tops, which are ideally suited to gel formulations. These have a width of 40mm and height of 150mm. Our minimum order quantity for the tear-top tube sachets is 20,000 units.

All sachets options can be supplied with your artwork printed on to the film and we offer a variety of finishes. Inkjet batch coding is available on all options. Typical lead times are 4-6 weeks from receipt of the sachet artwork. These sachets are ideal for sports and energy gels, glucose gels, children’s vitamin liquids, collagen formulations and beauty formulations.

Tube Filling

We also fill tubes too!

As well as filling in to sachets, we can also fill and seal plastic tubes. Our tubes are suitable for low and high viscosity materials ranging from light gels to high density pastes. Our tubes are suited to many of our topical products, including creams and gels as they provide a durable solution for multi-use products. We offer a wide range of functional tubes, with fill sizes ranging from 5ml to 100ml, which can be printed directly with your own artwork. Our tubes can be heat stamp batch coded as they are sealed or inkjet batch coded. Typical lead times are usually 6 weeks from receipt of your tube artwork.

Product Development Services

We offer contract formulation services, shelf life testing and re-formulation if you are looking to update your existing products.